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Waking Up Dead
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An elderly Homeless man who has been living on the streets for a very long time comes to the fork in the road. He battles with neurocognitive disorders and the daily struggles of finding food and a place to rest. His imaginary twin brother continually scolds him for the life he has chosen to live. His journey starts when he is given a choice of saving himself or doing a selfless act. 

Winner - African American Filmmakers - 2
"Waking Up Dead"  Edit Master 2018_PBS
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A short film Written Produced & Directed by David Molino.
This film is dedicated to raising awareness about the growing number of homeless people in our country. and the neurocognitive disorders many of them are challenged with on a day to day basis.

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Around The World Underwater


Around The World Underwater
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"Around the World Underwater".
It is a five-year work in progress, and the love we have for our oceans, and our planet. With the help of Captain Wayne Hasson and the Aggressor Fleet, we bring to you a spectacular visual extravaganza of our world, underwater.
I hope that you will be inspired after watching this film to do more than just watch! Written, Produced & Directed by David Molino