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About me
Image by Pawel Czerwinski
David Molino engineering a production.
David Molino preparing camera's for production.
David Molino building a Protools S3 audio suite.
David Molino preping an Alexa camera.

I’m a film & video professional with 30+ years of hands-on experience. This old dog is still learning new tricks. I'm from Los Angeles, but I've also worked in Miami, New York, London, Tokyo, and Paris France, just to name a few places that I've worked. My work has spanned the globe in many different languages. I specialize in post-production workflows, however, over the years I became a broadcast engineer out of necessity, with extensive training, of course, broadcasting live events throughout the world. UX/UI Design and Unreal 3D Engine is my next technical adventure. I stay focused and grounded on creating my own content to showcase and sell at film marketplaces worldwide. These are my short-term, and long-term goals... I am a devoted Husband and Father, there is no greater joy than to see the smiles of my little munchkins every single day. I'm blessed to have found the love of my life, my beautiful wife, putting God first in everything I do.


Writer, Producer, Director - Branded Content
*Viewer Discretion is Advised - Strong Language*

Madonna premiering Madam X

Live Worldwide Premiere of Madame X

David Molino vuilding a Protools S6 Audio Suite.

I Design & I Build Studios

Broadcasting live

We delivered (60) One Hour Episodes


Broadcast Live Television Worldwide


Broadcast Engineer

Highly Skilled Editor -  Film and Broadcast Television


  • Ability to use sound judgment.

  • Exhibit a high level of creativity

  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and work effectively within a diverse group

  • Ability to work in a collaborative, creative team environment

  • Able to accept recommended changes and critiques in a professional manner

  • Able to work in a strict process-oriented environment with quality control checkpoints

  • Able to manage multiple projects effectively

  • Troubleshoot system and equipment issues and initiate repairs requests

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Thorough, precise and detail oriented

  • Commitment to deadlines and timelines

  • Self-starter

  • Proficient using Mac OS and PC

  • Strong familiarity with English language (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc)

  • A gracious, Christ-like demeanor in demanding situations

  • 30+ years’ experience of professional video editing for film, documentary, commercial, and/or educational content

  • Strong understanding of editing workflows and file structure

  • In depth understanding of required broadcast standards

  • Proficient in Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Resolve or Avid Media Composer

  • Detail oriented with the ability to prioritize

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work well under pressure

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Body of work, past and present - Also, personal projects that I Wrote, Produced & Directed.
Waking Up Dead
Waking Up Dead
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An elderly Homeless man who has been living on the streets for a very long time comes to the fork in the road. He battles with neurocognitive disorders and the daily struggles of finding food and a place to rest. His imaginary twin brother continually scolds him for the life he has chosen to live. His journey starts when he is given a choice of saving himself or doing a selfless act. 

Winner - African American Filmmakers - 2
"Waking Up Dead"  Edit Master 2018_PBS
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A 30:00 minute short film Written, Produced & Directed by David Molino.
This film is dedicated to raising awareness about the growing number of homeless people in our country. and the neurocognitive disorders many of them are challenged with on a day to day basis.

Aired Nationally for (2) years on PBS

Composer Vera Osmankulova

vera osmankulova_edited.jpg
David Molino Directing Waking Up Dead.
Hisako Komiya.png
Ruijuan Jiang.png
David Molino Directing Waking Up Dead.

Hisako Komiya

Yoshiaki Shibata

Ruijuan Jiang