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The Woes of Mental Illness...

Understanding mental illness is a book filled with empty pages. When you can identify a situation as a psychological illness, one can shift from rational thinking to observing how a particular person is acting, have the ability to read the situation, and quickly make an assessment on how to de-escalate the situation, without engaging. We are not given a manual on dealing with adverse psychological outbursts, we react, and these reactions could end up being fuel for the fire and create an undesirable outcome. We present a series of short films that address different scenario's that derived from traumatic events, past and present, that led to addiction and/or mental illness. All ages, sexual orientations, and a deep dive into trauma. From there we create a round table for discussion, to hear different points of view based on what they saw and experienced in the film, referred to as a trigger, and how easily we identify with the story. We have a medical professional who will briefly explain what we are unable to see in the film, and offer alternative learning on how to not deal with a particular situation, and not be drawn into it. Hopefully, the viewer will understand how to prevent themselves from being triggered, by understanding how easy we related to the story, and understand there are alternate pathways one can take, to disengage. #drugsboozewoes #davidmolino #addiction #mentalillness #dnafilmstudio

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